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I must warn you from the start that this website is useless at the moment as the main sections as "Subscribe" and "Our Catalogue" are not functioning. The site is probably still under construction.

Still, I will review here the information which is available at this moment.

Ruxandra International Marriage Agency is another Romanian marriage agency intended for men willing to find the woman of their dreams in Romania. You can also find here ladies from Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and Italy. In a special section of their website can be found short descriptions of each of these countries, so you can learn some general facts about the birthplace of the girl you like.

Ruxandra agency was founded by a Romanian woman, who has always dreamt of opening an international marriage agency in her town - Bucharest, Romania. contains general information about the agency and a short description of their services. Ruxandra agency affirms that they offer a "full service". However, they do not give too many details about their activity, so, if you want to know what the "full service" includes then you will have to contact them by phone or by email.

In another section of their website you will find some useful tips for correspondence, including the following advices:

  • send more than one quality photo;
  • ask your correspondent many questions, as this will give you the chance to receive a longer and more detailed reply;
  • keep copies of all the sent and received letters;
  • do not be discouraged;
  • express yourself;
  • try to make your first letter as long as possible;
  • be realistic;

Ruxandra marriage agency is apparently collaborating with many European countries, but they do not specify which these countries are.

In "Our successes" section you can read the testimonials and two stories of couples who found their love through this agency. On you can also find a general profile of Eastern-European women, who are described as "very charming creatures".

The first thing you have to do in order to meet the woman of your dreams is fill in the subscribe form from the "Subscribe" section. Everything is good up to this point. It seems that the most important sections for a dating site are not accessible at I could not subscribe as there is no subscription form there. And the "Our catalog" section is not functioning, as well. There are no visible/accessible profiles on this site.

Beautiful words, big aspirations, but the website is useless at the moment. All you can find there is an attractive description of a marriage agency that pretends to be much more than it is.

Ease of Use: This website is absolutely useless at the moment, as it has neither informative, nor practical use right now. The subscription section is not working, the gallery is empty and there is no clear information about the services they provide.

Selection of Ladies: I will leave this one empty, as I have not found any profile in their database.

Our Star Rating: 1/10* - attractive description and big words with nothing behind them.

Contact details: Ruxandra International Marriage Agency,
Tudor Arghezi street, no. 26,
sc. B, et. 4, ap. 47,
Phone: +4021 3151188.

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