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Beautiful Romanian Woman, A Work Of Art

It is obvious that any woman wants to look wonderful and to be admired, but a beautiful Romanian woman has always been a source of inspiration for artists and a comforting presence for people around her.

That is why in national literature a beautiful Romanian woman is often associated with a flower, she is a delicate creature caressed by gentle breezes just like flowers. It does not matter what flowers are chosen as reference. Feminine beauty can be associated with a lily, or a jacinth, with a rose or a tulip. And if that woman is your Love, you can see her shinier and brighter than the others, you can see her pure, fresh and perfumed, just like a flower…

To continue with, this comparison is not only the perception of an outer similitude. It is as well the intuition of a deeply natural identity. This means that vegetal metaphors have been used to describe women according to their stages in life. Childhood and then teenage can be associated with flower blossoms, then they bloom and wither.

The main feature which makes this comparison possible is outer beauty, outer appearance. A beautiful Romanian woman’s skin is usually soft and velvety, like flower petals, but not only physical beauty has made these women unique. Moral qualities which a woman must have, like modesty and tenderness can highlight a woman’s beauty, which can spread more light when it is kept in the shadow…

However, a flower’s life is short, that is why the idea that beauty is not eternal is very clear in Romanian culture. Moreover, if a woman is delicate sometimes she may be considered weak, and sometimes men take advantage of their…floral nature and treat them with superiority, which in the worst cases can even blur her personality.

You may wonder if we talk about women today. Well, not necessarily about these women, because they may have floral appearance, but there are stronger and wiser and they can fight for their rights. A beautiful Romanian woman nowadays does not live in the shadow anymore, but she prefers to shine like a star.

In Romania, many of the young girls are more beautiful than the greatest Barbie dolls. They look like this because their mothers taught them to pay attention to their appearance - even at this young age. Then, in lower secondary school their dream is to become models, actresses or singers. After college most of them choose jobs in which beauty is really appreciated. What can be underlined is that a beautiful woman in Romania in general is aware of her beauty and she is able to use her physical qualities in order to succeed in life.

If you add to these qualities, spiritual beauty, you must be sure that it will be a pleasure for to meet a beautiful Romanian woman. She can be a real delight, not only for your eyes, but for your spirit as well.


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